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3 Reasons Why Air Compressor Oil Is So Important

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Even though you might be aware of the fact that you should be changing and adding air compressor oil to your air compressor, you might not really realize just how important it is to do so. However, this is not something that you are going to want to slack off on, regardless of the type of air compressor that you have or what you might use it for. These are a few reasons why air compressor oil is so important. 

1. Failing to Change it Could Lead to Warranty Issues

For one thing, if you purchased your air compressor new and if it wasn't too long ago that you purchased it, you might still be counting on a manufacturer's warranty to help you cover repair costs that might pop up over the next few years. Knowing that you can call the manufacturer for help when something goes wrong can be a good feeling, particularly when you rely on your air compressor for day-to-day operations within your business.

What you might not have a full understanding of, however, is the requirements that the air compressor manufacturer might have if you want to keep your warranty valid. For one thing, you might be required to change the air compressor oil with a certain frequency. If you don't, then any related problems -- or potentially any problems at all -- might not be covered by the manufacturer.

2. It Could Overheat Without Air Compressor Oil

Next, you should know that your air compressor can get very hot when it's working hard. This can be an especially big problem in hot conditions, such as if you're working in a hot shop or if you're working outdoors in the heat. By having air compressor oil in your air compressor, you can help ensure that it's able to stay cool while working.

3. It May Not Operate as Efficiently

Lastly, you should know that not only does the air compressor oil help keep your air compressor cool when it's working hard, but it also helps all of the moving parts operate efficiently and smoothly. Without this lubrication, the parts of your air compressor might not be able to move as freely and well, meaning that the air compressor might not work as well as it's supposed to. By doing something as simple as adding air compressor oil when needed, you can help ensure that you get the maximum possible performance from your air compressor.