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Need A Used Lift Truck For The Shop? What To Know Before You Buy

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If you need to get a forklift to help arrange your heavy items around the shop, the first step is finding an affordable option. You need not just an affordable option, but also staff that can work the machine. Here are some things to consider when you are ready to own a forklift for your business.

Find Used Options for Sale

A used lift truck for sale is an affordable option. When shopping for used forklifts in your area, ask about the following details of the machine:

  • VIN number
  • Mechanical report
  • Hours used
  • Manufacturer's warranty information

You want the VIN number so that you can look up the unit, to see how much it costs for replacement parts, and to see the details of the forklift. You want to know how many hours the machine has run, the condition of the battery, and the cost and availability of a new battery and charging station if needed.

Train Staff for Safe Operating

If you don't currently have anyone on staff that is trained to work a forklift, this is something that you will want to have a couple of employees do. An employee would have to meet these criteria to go through with the certification process:

  • Legal United States citizen, or proof of lawful presence
  • 18 years of age or older
  • No physical disabilities that would prevent safe driving
  • No vision impairments

This way you can reduce the likelihood that there are accidents, risks, and other complications throughout the workday, and you will be able to get insurance for the lift truck. Your commercial property insurance policy provider will also require that only licensed drivers operate the truck.

When you are working out the cost of the lift truck you need, you will have to get the machine to your spot. Talk about hauling options and potentially splitting the cost of the transportation between the seller's and buyer's locations to help negotiate the deal. 

If you have a mechanic that can look at the lift truck, have them do an inspection before you buy it. If you can't get it looked at before the purchase, be sure to have it looked at once it's in your possession to make sure that it is safe for operation. You don't have to spend the money to get a brand-new lift truck if you aren't sure how much use it will get out of it, but if you are tired of renting one for your needs, it's time to get a used option.