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Looking To Expand Your Industrial Building? Tips For You

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When you are in charge of an industrial space, there may come a time when you are in need of expanding your operating space. There are two choices in doing so, buying new buildings or expanding your current one. If you have opted to expand your current industrial building, you may find yourself wondering what you should do to get the process started. Get to know some of those early steps that you should take so that you can get started on your industrial building expansion as soon as possible and get the space that you are in need of. Use a Sieve Shaker to Determine Soil Composition Where You Want to Build If you were not in charge of construction when your current building was erected, you may not know all that goes into building in your area. One of the ways that you can be sure you are prepared for the process is to test the soil. Knowing the composition of the soil around your building will help you to determine if you will need to completely remove the soil and use fill dirt or if breaking ground will be easy or difficult. Look for sieve shakers for sale so that you can run a test. These sieve shakers analyze the soil by separating the different particles in the dirt and soil. The larger particles are filtered out first, and then the sieves get finer and finer so that only smaller and smaller particles pass through. This separates the soil so that you know the basic composition of the dirt and determine where to build and how the build will go. Click here for more info. Collect All of the Current Blueprints of Your Building and Mark Utility Lines Because you are going to be expanding your current building and will be adding onto the structure, you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary documents to safely do so. This means you need all of the blueprints for your building including demarcations for your power lines, plumbing, and the like. In addition to this, you will need to mark the underground utility lines. Have the different utility companies send out representatives to place flags and spray paint the utility lines paths. This will help you to choose where you are going to put the addition and will ensure that you do not accidentally cut a utility line in the construction process. With these tips in mind, you can be sure that you start your industrial building expansion on the right foot and get everything going as quickly as...

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What to Do with Your Store’s Extra Cardboard Boxes

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If you have a small store, you are already aware that cardboard can start to build up in your backrooms quickly, especially during the holiday season. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for dealing with the boxes over time. Here are some solutions that might work for you. Cardboard-Box Shredder Having a professional shredder for your store’s boxes is a great idea for a number of reasons. For one thing, the shredder allows you to maximize space as soon as you shred the box into tiny shreds. You don’t have to wait or put them aside; you can shred them as they come in. Another reason that cardboard-box shredders are helpful is that you can recycle the boxes into filler for your own deliveries. Shipping some products off to customers? Just shred some boxes and use the shreds to protect the items inside. You’ll also be saving money because you won’t have to buy as many other filler materials. If you have time, you might round up some shreds every week and take them to the nearest farm or riding stable. Shredded cardboard can make comfortable horse bedding. Not only is it soft for the animals, but it will also biodegrade well over time, and that is good for the soil. Give Them to Online Sellers and People Who Are Moving A lot of people are constantly looking for boxes; why not offer them yours? Online sellers and those who are moving need a lot of boxes and don’t like the idea of having to pay for them. In fact, many online sellers need boxes on a regular basis. You can place an ad in your local paper saying that you’re willing to set aside boxes and give them away at a certain time or on a certain day. You may be surprised by how many people contact you about your boxes. When they come in to pick up their boxes, you can chat with them. You might even get a few new customers that didn’t know about your store before. Now that you’ve got some great ideas about how you can handle all the extra cardboard boxes coming into your store, start using the information shared in this article to help you find a good secondary use for them. Ask your employees and acquaintances in the industry for more suggestions about how to best use the boxes that your store no longer needs; you might hear ideas that surprise...

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Which Scaffolding Is The Best For Doing Work On A Commercial Building?

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When doing any type of construction work, having the right tools on hand is critical to successfully completing the task. If a ladder is not sufficient for your needs, then you may want to rent scaffolding for the project. There are several different types of scaffolding, though, so here are a few things to consider when choosing one for your situation. What the Weather is Going to Be Like The first thing you want to consider is the time of year that you will be working on the project. Scaffolding is often left in place where it may be subjected to environmental elements. If the project is going to take a long time, you’ll want to be sure to get scaffolding in a material that can withstand the predominant weather that will be occurring during the time of year the construction is taking place. For instance, if you’ll be doing outdoor work in the spring when there is going to be a lot of rain, then you may want to opt for rust-proof metal scaffolding, as scaffolding made of wood may become slippery when wet. Conversely, you may want to opt for wood scaffolding in the summer time when it’s mostly sunny as metal can retain heat and become too hot to touch when left out in the sun all day. Number of Work Areas Another thing to consider is the number of areas where you’ll be working. If you’ll only be working in a single area, then a fixed scaffold that is secured to the ground in the construction zone may work well for you. On the other hand, if you’ll be working on multiple places on the building, then you may want to opt for a mobile scaffold that can be easily moved around to different areas whenever you need it. Building Height The third thing to consider is how high the building is that you’ll be working on. Fixed and mobile scaffolding for rent can be constructed to reach pretty high up, but sometimes buildings are just too tall to make this a feasible option. In fact, OSHA has regulations that limit how high pole scaffolding can be. If you are working on a part of the building that’s higher than is allowed for pole scaffolding, then you may want to opt for suspended or hanging bracket scaffolding that’s designed to hang from either the top of the building or extend outward from the floor of the building you’re working on. For more information about renting the right scaffolding for you, contact a scaffolding rental...

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4 Pieces Of Safety Equipment That Every Welder Should Own

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Working as a welder, whether for a company or as an independent contractor who is self employed, is a very important job, but it can also be extremely dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you just finished the training needed to become a welder or if you are an old pro– having the right safety equipment on hand is absolutely essential. Use the following tips to help ensure that you will stay safe while working with fire and extremely hot metal: Non-Flammable Long Sleeved Shirts No matter how precise you are when welding, you can never ensure that sparks will not emit from the metal that you are working on. Long sleeves are essential for a welder to wear to protect the skin on his or her arms, but it is also extremely important that those shirts are made of non-flammable material. Failing to wear non-flammable material can result in an unfortunate accident that leaves you severely injured and burned. Quality Welding Helmet Investing in a high quality welding helmet is a good idea for any person who is making a career as a welder. Your welding helmet is incredibly important for protecting your face from hot sparks, as well as your eyes from damaging UV rays. You may want to consider buying an auto-dimming welding helmet, which will adjust and react to the different levels of light being emitted automatically–owning one can make your job a lot easier and also preserve your eye health. Safety Glasses A quality welding helmet is a great first line of defense, but it is also imperative to own and wear safety glasses under your helmet. The hot sparks that fly off of molten metal during the welding process are unpredictable, and they can find their way through the small cracks of a welding helmet, so it is in the best interest of you and your eyes to always put on safety glasses before putting on your helmet. Respiratory Mask One of the biggest risks to the safety of welders is the high temperature sparks that they are constantly around, but toxic fumes and tiny pieces of metal that may be inhaled are also a concern. If you are working full-time as a welder, buying a respiratory mask is a must– it will ensure that you are breathing clean, safe air and not accidentally ingesting tiny particles that can cause a lot of damage to your lungs and respiratory health. For more information about safety equipment and other tools to improve your work, contact a local welding equipment supplier like Vern Lewis Welding Supply...

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Plumbing Tips: Advantage Of Rubber-Based Over Wax-Based Gaskets & Seals

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Most plumbers may argue whether or not the best seals or gaskets are those made of rubber or waxed products. There are definite arguments that support both sides, but there is a clear answer for those plumbers who want to save time and money, which is rubber plumbing products. The following guide will help you understand why rubber seals or gaskets are better than their coveted counterparts. What Is Wrong With Wax-Based Plumbing Products You might want to consider some of the following: The Waxy Material One of the reasons that wax-based plumbing seals or gaskets are preferred by many plumbers is because they are sticky, making it quite easy to create a perfect barrier that should last a while. The problem is the cleanup and general mess involved when using wax-based products. The material is so sticky and fluid-like that you might have to spend a lot of time cleaning up to make sure that the seal does not damage the appearance of the toilet. Replacement The second problem that wax-based seals or gaskets face is that you need to replace them completely if they break or are damaged. You now have to use a completely new seal. This is a costly affair to your customers because they have to replace all those parts.  You can talk to your plumbing supply specialist about other disadvantages that you might find with wax-based plumbing products.  The Rubber-Based Plumbing Products Advantage Rubber-based plumbing products are relatively new but are definitely causing a stir for plumbers; check out the following advantages over wax-based products: Replacement One clear advantage is that you do not have to purchase a whole new gasket or seal should you need to fix a problem with a toilet. The gasket or seal can be easily repaired or cleaned, then simply reused. You can offer this saving to your customers, giving you an advantage over other plumbers that are sticking with wax-based seals or gaskets. Clean Up You guessed it, you do not have to worry about messy clean-ups since you are just working with rubber-based seals and gaskets. All you do is fit the gasket and seal, and you are done.  Heat Resistant Another advantage over wax-based seals is the heat element. Rubber can resist heat better than wax-based seals and gaskets could, which could be the reason that they last longer. Radiant floors, for example, which are helpful in areas that get very cold, could melt wax-based seals or gaskets that could lead to leaks. This is another advantage that could make you be the plumber that your possible patrons ultimately choose.  You can clearly see that rubber-based plumbing supplies are something that you can look into because they could offer you an edge over your competition and make your job a little easier, too.  To learn more, contact a company like Accurate  Products...

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Centrifugal Blowers: 3 Things You Might Not Know About Them

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Have you ever wondered what a centrifugal blower is? You might be surprised to find out that centrifugal blowers have a wide variety of uses, especially in industrial settings. Here are just a few things that you might not know about centrifugal blowers. What is a Centrifugal Blower? Centrifugal blowers belong to a class of industrial equipment known as turbomachines. Turbomachines work by moving energy from one location to another. A rotating shaft is used to push the energy through to either a liquid or a gas. Enclosed turbine blades move the energy created by the liquid or gas to the rotating shaft. Fans are then used to release the air that’s generated by the shafts. What’s the Difference Between Blowers, Compressors and Fans? When it comes to determining the characteristics of a centrifugal blower, the air pressure ratio is usually considered. Blowers have a medium range air pressure ratio. They’re directly in between air compressors and fans. Air compressors have the highest pressure ratio, while fans have the lowest. How Is It Used? Centrifugal blowers have a variety of uses in industrial settings. Here are just three of the ways they may benefit you. Remove Particulates When you’re working with delicate machinery, you need to keep the area clean. Things like dirt and other particulate matter can destroy your equipment. Centrifugal blowers are used to remove particulate matter from the air, as well as from the parts you’re working with. This is particularly important when working with conveyor belts. Centrifugal blowers will provide a steady flow of air, which will remove particulate matter from the parts as they move along the conveyor belt. Contain Contaminates In addition to removing particulates from the air, centrifugal blowers can also be used to contain contaminates. If your factory has a specific contamination unit, centrifugal blowers can be used to prevent contaminated materials from escaping into the air supply. Vacuum Cleaning Centrifugal blowers have two separate sides. The front blows air, while the back portion acts as a vacuum unit. The vacuum is needed to draw air into the unit. The suction created by the vacuum can be used for other industrial purposes. For instance, when grinding metal, small pieces of metal shavings are left behind. The suction can be used to remove metal shavings and prevent serious damage to the equipment. Centrifugal blowers can get the air flowing in your factory and keep your work space free from particulate matter. If you’re looking into getting a centrifugal blower, look into websites of local specialists, such as, to learn...

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A Couple Of Auto Maintenance Tips

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There are few possessions that are worth more than your car, and it can serve an invaluable function in your daily life. However, when your vehicle is unfortunate enough to encounter serious mechanical problems, you may experience inconveniences and financial stresses. Luckily, you should be relieved to learn that following these two simple maintenance steps can drastically reduce the chances that your car will encounter problems. Visually Inspect The Battery Monthly The battery is among the most important components of the car, but it is one part that is often taken for granted. As a result, you may be surprised to find that your car will fail to start one day. There can be an almost countless number of reasons for a battery to fail to start your car, but making a monthly visual inspection may help you to prevent some of the more common problems. For example, it is possible for residue to accumulate around the battery terminals. These substances can prevent the electrical current from flowing into or out of the battery. By removing this residue with battery cleaner, you can prevent this issue from impacting your car. Also, these inspections will give you an opportunity to ensure that the connections are securely in place. If you notice they are loose, you should tighten them to prevent this issue from preventing your battery from working correctly. Avoid The Regular Use Of Fuel Additives In addition to caring for the battery, it is also important for you to avoid adding fuel additives on a routine basis. Unfortunately, the substances in these additives can be extremely harsh on the engine’s components. This can lead to seals failing, components warping and many other issues that could have otherwise been avoided or delayed. When you are wanting to improve performance, you should have the car serviced and tuned at a professional auto repair shop rather than rely on these substances. While this option may be inconvenient, this might be a small sacrifice for you to pay for keeping your car safe from harm. Keeping your car running smoothly should not be a confusing and stressful task for you. If you understand the value of monthly inspections of the battery and the need to avoid the use of fuel additives, you will be in a much better position for helping your automobile avoid problems that can require a trip to the repair shop to correct. To learn more, contact an auto repair shop like Community Co-Op Oil...

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3 Signs Your Steel Caster Wheels Need To Be Replaced

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Anything that has moving parts is going to experience wear and tear, including stainless steel caster wheels. That wear and tear is going to happen even faster if the caster wheels are being used in environments that are exposed to extreme conditions, such as hospitals or restaurants. Constant use and exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and high water temperatures will eventually corrode stainless steel casters and cause them to stop functioning properly. Replacing your steel casters before they become too damaged to use properly will prevent putting your equipment out of commission while repairs are being made.  But how can you tell when your steel casters have reached the point that they need to be replaced? What are the signs to look for? Here’s some information that will help you to notice the signs that steel casters are reaching the point where they need to be replaced before they become so damaged that they stop working altogether. Signs of Corrosion Keep a close eye on the caster wheels. At first, you won’t see visible signs of corrosion, but corrosion does start to happen as soon as the caster wheels are exposed to cleaning products or excessive temperatures. Inspecting the caster wheels at least once a week will allow you to notice any signs of corrosion. Some of the most common signs include: Pitting of the wheels Discoloration The development of rust If you notice any of these signs of corrosion, the sooner you replace the steel caster wheels, the better. The corrosion will only become worse if left alone, and eventually, the casters will stop working. Difficulty Moving Equipment on caster wheels should move with ease. If you notice that it is becoming difficult to move your equipment, it’s time to change out the steel caster wheels. Difficulty moving the wheels could indicate that the moving components around the wheels are starting to break down. As soon as you notice it is becoming even the slightest bit difficult to move your equipment, arrange to have the casters replaced, as the problem will only get worse. Less Sturdy When you place items on the equipment, does it seem as if the weight is being unevenly distributed? Does the piece of equipment move from side-to-side, as if the weight is being shifted? If so, the strength of the wheels has become compromised and your equipment is not safe to use. Caster wheels that aren’t sturdy need to be replaced right away. If you notice any of these signs of trouble with your steel caster wheels, arrange to have them replaced as soon as possible. Failure to do so will only lead to equipment that won’t work properly and that is unsafe. Contact a company like Garland’s Inc for more info....

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Four Major Safety Hazards When Dealing With Overhead Doors

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Overhead doors injure over 20,000 individuals a year, usually through falling. Industrial overhead doors are even more dangerous than residential doors, as they tend to be much heavier and operated more often. Here are a few of the major safety hazards your company should avoid. 1. Loose Clothing and Equipment Clothing and equipment can get snagged on an opening door. When this happens, the door may pull downwards instead of continuing on the path upwards, injuring the person caught in its workings. Loose clothing and equipment should always be discouraged in a work-site. 2. Malfunctioning Pulley System Most industrial overhead doors are too heavy to be opened manually. Instead there is a pulley system that begins pulling the overhead door upwards after it has been pulled far enough. If this system malfunctions, cables may snap and the door may fall down. Regular maintenance is vital to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Employees should also be taught situational awareness: they should know to step back from a door immediately if they hear something unexpected occur. 3. Broken Latches The door usually has a latch at the top that stops it from coming back down. In more advanced doors, this latch may secure the door constantly — in other words, however far the door is raised, the door will stay there. But a broken latch or a catch will not prevent the door from moving down, which can be very dangerous with heavier doors. Occasionally, companies will know that their latches are broken but will continue using a door because it is not cost-effective to repair it — this is always a dangerous decision. Doors and other equipment should be repaired as quickly as possible for the safety of employees. At the very least, repairs can help the company to avoid worker’s comp costs and law suits.  4. Lax Multi-Tasking Protocols Employees should always be instructed to open doors entirely, make sure that they are secured, and then and only then to pass through the door. If they attempt to open the door while holding other items or open the door while doing other things, the chance of the door falling on them is greatly increased. For larger or heavier doors, there should always be a buddy system protocol. One individual should assist in opening a door while the other individual can pass equipment and other items through it. A well-maintained, fully operational overhead door has many safety features installed. If you’re concerned about your company’s overhead doors, you may want to call your industrial equipment and supply source to get them upgraded or...

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Ducting and a Clamp-Based System

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Installing ducts can be a long and arduous task. It can take several hours to place the ducts, and then having to screw, weld, and fasten them together can add even more long hours to the job. Anyone who is trying to install these ducts will want to find an easier way. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, you will want an option that can help reduce the amount of time to complete the ducting and make it easier to install. Fortunately, some companies, like Nordfab Ducting, offer a way to easily put ducts together using clamps. This provides many benefits over the other options, and this guide will explain them. Easy and Quick Install. If you are a homeowner or a professional doing a complicated ducting job, you can make the job a whole lot easier. Most ducting jobs require welding and screwing the ducts together. With ducts that include quick fitting clamps, the job is done a lot easier. Once a duct is fit together, you can slide the clamp over the joints and secure the pieces together. Because it is a lot easier to install these ducts, the time it takes to complete the job can be reduced by up to 40%. Secure Fittings. One of the most important functions of a duct is to make sure that air, smoke, gases, and other materials can flow through it without leaking. Ducting that uses tight and secure clamps will prevent air leakage at the joints. Screws and welding can leave spaces where the air can leak out and cause a loss of efficiency or release dangerous materials. The clamp systems will clamp around the entire duct so that air is not able to get out. Safer. No special equipment is needed to install these ducts when using the clamps. Dangerous welding equipment, drills, and other power tools need to be used at precarious heights and awkward positions while installing traditional ducts. This can increase the likelihood of an injury. When using clamps that do not require any tools, you will be a lot less likely to become injured on the job. These are just a few of the benefits of a clamp-based ducting system. Anytime you can make life easier, get the job done quicker, and have a safer environment, it is well worth it. Clamps and duct work are the perfect match. Look into them today to see if they can benefit...

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