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3 Important Reasons To Add Lighting To Your Truck Utility Body

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Created to help truck owners transform a basic pickup into a full-on working vehicle, truck utility bodies can be custom designed and custom built to be just exactly what you need. There are going to be all kinds of options to pick from when you are working with a designer to get the body you want, and the topic of adding lights in certain areas will come up. It is easy to assume that lighting is not the most important thing to implement and skip some of the options. Read More»

Why Your Employees Need A 30-Hour Course Rather Than A 10-Hour Course

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When it is time for a worker to take an OSHA training course, you may choose a 10-hour or a 30-hour training course for your employees. If you are training entry-level workers, you may find that the 10-hour training course is enough. However, if you will be training supervisors, managers and site leads, you’re better off with a 30-hour course.  What to Expect from a 30-Hour Course While a 30-hour training course might seem like a lot of hours, these courses are typically online and are accessible from anywhere. Read More»

3 Helpful Tips When Buying Industrial Pressure Gauges

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If you work in the industrial sector, a lot of equipment deals with pressure. To ensure these pressure ranges are where they should be, you’ll need to invest in industrial pressure gauges. Completing this transaction won’t be difficult thanks to these tips.  Identify Ideal Pressure Range  Not all pressure gauges in the industrial sector have the same pressure range. Some will be much larger than others. Knowing this, it’s important to think about the specific pressure range of the equipment you’ll be working with. Read More»