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3 Important Reasons To Add Lighting To Your Truck Utility Body

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Created to help truck owners transform a basic pickup into a full-on working vehicle, truck utility bodies can be custom designed and custom built to be just exactly what you need. There are going to be all kinds of options to pick from when you are working with a designer to get the body you want, and the topic of adding lights in certain areas will come up. It is easy to assume that lighting is not the most important thing to implement and skip some of the options. However, adding lighting to your truck utility body can be highly advantageous. Here is a look at why that is the case.

Lights will help you have visibility inside cabinetry and drawers. 

One place you may think lights will not be necessary is inside of the cabinets and drawers of your truck utility body. However, adding small LED lights inside of these areas will make things much easier. You will no longer have to fumble to find the right thing in a shadowed toolbox or struggle to see where that small thing is you are going after in a cabinet. These lights are simple to have installed, do not add a lot of extra cost to the price, and do not use a lot of energy to function. 

Lights will allow your utility body to be functional even after dark. 

If your workday often ends up leading well into the night after the sun has gone down, it is logical to choose to have as much lighting as possible in your truck utility body. Lighting can be the difference between being able to effectively work after dark or not. For example, having lights on the cargo bed between the toolboxes and cabinets will give you a space to work when you are still at it after dark. 

Lights will keep your utility body even more visible. 

Of course, there are going to be certain lights that will be required by law to be included on the utility body so your vehicle can be seen after dark. However, you will oftentimes get the option of adding more than just the required lights. For example, the designer may offer to add running lights along the base of the sides. These are good options to have because the more visible your truck body is, the less likely it will be that you are involved in an accident after dark.