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Exciting Innovations In The Forklift Industry

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If you're in charge of running a business that utilizes forklifts and similar equipment, you are likely always looking for ways to increase revenue, eliminate safety hazards and minimize injuries. Researchers have been working nonstop to develop technological advancements that can work wonders for decreasing safety hazards and improving productivity, while simultaneously increasing revenue. Here is an overview of some exciting innovations within any industry that uses forklifts in their warehouses:

Advanced system to improve tracking & reporting

In the past, keeping track of every aspect of the supply chain was often a tedious job. Thanks to a new system, however, tracking everything in a warehouse setting is a cinch. This new system, which works via advanced GPS tracking systems and smart meters, can accurately track and report forklift movements, supply levels, and more. This has the potential to improve productivity levels substantially. It can also prevent your company from wasting money by ordering unnecessary supplies.

Electric forklifts

Traditional forklifts are powered by propane or some other type of gas, and they often require frequent maintenance. If you're looking for a low-cost, environmentally-friendly forklift, then you should consider one that runs off electricity. Why an electric choice? First of all, less upkeep is required, as electric forklifts contain fewer hoses, seals and fluids. Electric forklifts can also save you money, operate at a faster rate than conventional models, and are also safer for the environment, as there isn't an exhaust system to release potentially harmful fumes into the air.

Reach truck system

This new system enables your employees to work more efficiently, while simultaneously improving speed. The reach truck system also has the ability to determine whether a forklift is riding into or out of a curve, which can prevent accidents and injuries. Furthermore, the reach truck system can effectively transfer expended energy back into the device itself, and this can prolong the life of the battery. This can free up money that can be used elsewhere, as batteries won't have to be purchased as often.

As technological advancements continue to be introduced to the industry, safety, productivity and efficiency will all be improved in the process. This will not only result in fewer employee injuries, but also an improved overall generation of revenue for your company. Of course this is good news for you and everyone else who works for your business. For more information, contact a forklift dealer.