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How Can I Lower My Dumpster Costs Even Further?

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When you need to remove a large amount of waste matter from your work site, you will need a dumpster as a place to store your waste and conveniently remove the waste from your property. For starters, using a roll-off dumpster is the best option if you are looking to save money. But if you want to save money even further, there are a couple of other decisions you should make when using this type of dumpster.

Using a Broker

The cheapest place to find a roll-off dumpster is to turn to a dumpster broker. Brokers will be able to locate a dumpster rental company with the lowest price. 

Asking About the Fees

Find out the hidden charges you will have to pay before renting a roll-off dumpster. There are many extra fees that you may be able to have waived while negotiating the price. For example, you may be charged an additional fuel surcharge for the amount of fuel used to transport the dumpster. Make sure that you negotiate an upfront fee. You may be charged overages by some companies based on how much the roll-off dumpster weighs after you use it. When it is filled with your garbage, you will have no choice but to pay.

Avoiding Fines

Find out if there are any specific rules you are expected to follow when using the roll-off dumpster. If you violate these rules, you might find yourself paying fines. For example, you could be fined if you keep the bin for longer than allowed, or if you mix debris in the bin. 

Using a Trash Compactor

Using a trash compactor to reduce the volume of garbage you are disposing of will allow you to throw away more garbage without needing to rent another roll-off dumpster. Simply place the trash in the compactor, press a button, and a metal plate will crush the trash so that it takes up less space. 

Another advantage of using a trash compactor is that you are less likely to run out of space. You may choose a 10 yard dumpster because it is the least expensive, but if the dumpster turns out to not be large enough, you may have to rent a second one. This isn't a problem if you can reduce the quantity and trash that you will be placing in the dumpster.

If you plan on placing something in the trash compactor that can smell, choose a trash compactor that comes with a charcoal filter. Another way to minimize smell is to place a newspaper between the trash and the compactor plate so that when the plate pushes the garbage to compact it, the plate does not touch the garbage.

No matter what your dumpster needs are, be sure to shop around and consult professionals like those at TCM Sweeping and Disposal, to be sure that you are using the best methods. By doing your research and consulting professionals, you'll have a better chance of saving money, and avoiding any problems.