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Why You Should Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned

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Does it take a long time for wastewater to leave your plumbing fixtures? The problem may stem from you not getting the septic tank pumped out often enough, as it can cause the plumbing system to back up. Find out below why you must invest in getting your septic tank cleaned, as well as an estimate of what you will be charged by a professional to perform the task.

Why is Septic Tank Cleaning So Important?

When all of the wastewater from your house is flowing into a septic tank, it can accumulate and cause a problem if not removed every so often. A septic tank is connected to a part that is called the drainfield, but the drainfield will not do its job if your septic tank is filled up with waste. The drainfield sits under the soil with multiple pipes attached to it that have small holes in them. The holes are there to allow wastewater from your house to seep slowly into the soil. The wastewater can accumulate and back up your plumbing fixtures if the opening in the tank to the drainfield is clogged up.

Basically, when wastewater is sent from your home into the septic tank, it is divided into three layers. Solid materials in the wastewater will automatically sink to the bottom of the tank. Some of the solids will float to the surface of the wastewater because they are not heavy enough to sink. The liquid waste will remain in the middle of the solids until it is released into the drainfield.

There is no need for solids to be released into the drainfield because bacteria will develop and cause the waste to deteriorate naturally. However, sometimes solid waste fails to completely deteriorate and it creates a blockage in the drainfield hole. You must get the tank pumped out to prevent the problem, and you should get the drainfield pipes cleaned at the same time.

How Much is Septic Tank Cleaning Estimated to Cost?

You are looking to spend an estimate of up to $350 or more if septic tank cleaning is the only thing being done. However, a thorough cleaning that includes the drainfield pipes and installing a filter to help the tank function better can cost up to $2,000 or more. Contact a septic cleaning company such as Southern Sanitary Systems Inc as soon as possible so a contractor can pump the solid waste out of your tank!