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Ways You Can Make Your Fire-Prone Workplace Safer

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Normally, you will need to avoid fire hazards in the first place. However, if you work in an environment that frequently has you exposed to fires, you may be forced to take steps to protect yourself. There are several things you can do, besides donning flame resistant clothing.

Flammable Liquid Storage

Create a policy for how large the containers with flammable liquids can be. You should not store more flammable liquid inside a container than what your employees can carry. Make sure the flammable liquids are stored at room temperature and not near a source of ignition. Use plastic or brass tools to handle the flammable liquid.

Gas Detection

If you must create and maintain an open flame, such as if you are cooking or welding, make sure to test for flammable gases before igniting the flame. Purchase one of several sensors that are designed to detect gases and will provide a reading indicating how much danger is present. The sensor will determine whether the air is too rich for combustion, too lean for combustion or just right.

Fire Extinguishers and Other Equipment

Any safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, must be tested to make sure that they are in a working condition. The fire extinguishers, for example, should be checked to make sure that they are visible. The tamper seal should be inspected to verify that there was no tampering. Make sure the pull pin is still inserted in the handle too. That way, if the equipment must be used in an emergency, it won't fail on the employee.

Use all equipment properly and make sure that it is functioning properly. For example, make sure that machines are not overheating and check the owner's manual if you discover that they are. Repair or replace any leaking pipes or gas lines.

Fire-Resistant Curtains

Install fire-resistant curtains nearby areas with flying sparks to prevent the sparks from touching flammable objects. Not only do the curtains stop sparks, but they can also divide up work areas, allowing for more activities to be performed in close proximity. Curtains help the workers know which areas are potentially dangerous too, so they can don the appropriate equipment and clothing.

Keeping the work area clean will further reduce the risk that there is a fire hazard. The more materials scattered about, the more likely that something will catch on fire. Clean out dirty air ducts so that the dust does not become a fire hazard. To learn more, contact a business like Oil & Gas Safety Supply.