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Disaster Preparedness: Selecting A Generator

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Are you concerned about what you would do if a disaster happened in your area? Planning ahead can mean the difference between life and death. Perhaps you already have a first aid kit, food, water, flashlights, and extra batteries set aside for this type of event, but following severe weather, some people find themselves without power for extended amounts of time. This is why it makes sense to consider investing in a generator for your home. But before you rush to buy a generator, there are a few things you must take into consideration. This will aid in ensuring that the generator you select is appropriate for your needs.


Do not base size selection on what your neighbors have. For example, the size of the generator you select should be compatible with the size of your home. Your electrical company or electricians, like those at Bader Mechanical Inc, are good resources to use to determine the correct sized generator for your property.


You will need to decide whether you want a standby or portable generator. Standby generators are ideal when there is a power outage. These types of generators automatically activate during an outage, ensuring that you do not go without power. Standby generators are often used in places where power is critical. For example, hospitals in your local area likely have this type of generator. As a homeowner, a standby generator would be ideal if you have small children or elderly individuals in your family. Standby generators are considered as permanent installations, and they operate off of natural gas.

If you decide to invest in a portable generator, you will reap the benefits of owning a generator that you can move around. These generators require propane and gas as fuel. Keep in mind that during a disaster, access to propane and gas may be limited, and you may encounter some of the same power problems that people who do not have generators encounter if you cannot locate fuel. You can counteract this type of nuisance by fueling up when news reports indicate severe storms are expected in your area.


Some generator manufacturers are enhancing their products to make them more appealing to customers. For example, some models can be programmed to send reminder alerts regarding servicing. Many generators also come with safety features that aid in reducing the chances of them getting damaged. For example, these models can detect when oil and fuel are low, and they automatically power off to prevent damage.