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Ducting and a Clamp-Based System

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Installing ducts can be a long and arduous task. It can take several hours to place the ducts, and then having to screw, weld, and fasten them together can add even more long hours to the job. Anyone who is trying to install these ducts will want to find an easier way. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, you will want an option that can help reduce the amount of time to complete the ducting and make it easier to install. Fortunately, some companies, like Nordfab Ducting, offer a way to easily put ducts together using clamps. This provides many benefits over the other options, and this guide will explain them.

  1. Easy and Quick Install. If you are a homeowner or a professional doing a complicated ducting job, you can make the job a whole lot easier. Most ducting jobs require welding and screwing the ducts together. With ducts that include quick fitting clamps, the job is done a lot easier. Once a duct is fit together, you can slide the clamp over the joints and secure the pieces together. Because it is a lot easier to install these ducts, the time it takes to complete the job can be reduced by up to 40%.
  2. Secure Fittings. One of the most important functions of a duct is to make sure that air, smoke, gases, and other materials can flow through it without leaking. Ducting that uses tight and secure clamps will prevent air leakage at the joints. Screws and welding can leave spaces where the air can leak out and cause a loss of efficiency or release dangerous materials. The clamp systems will clamp around the entire duct so that air is not able to get out.
  3. Safer. No special equipment is needed to install these ducts when using the clamps. Dangerous welding equipment, drills, and other power tools need to be used at precarious heights and awkward positions while installing traditional ducts. This can increase the likelihood of an injury. When using clamps that do not require any tools, you will be a lot less likely to become injured on the job.

These are just a few of the benefits of a clamp-based ducting system. Anytime you can make life easier, get the job done quicker, and have a safer environment, it is well worth it. Clamps and duct work are the perfect match. Look into them today to see if they can benefit you.