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Centrifugal Blowers: 3 Things You Might Not Know About Them

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Have you ever wondered what a centrifugal blower is? You might be surprised to find out that centrifugal blowers have a wide variety of uses, especially in industrial settings. Here are just a few things that you might not know about centrifugal blowers.

What is a Centrifugal Blower?

Centrifugal blowers belong to a class of industrial equipment known as turbomachines. Turbomachines work by moving energy from one location to another. A rotating shaft is used to push the energy through to either a liquid or a gas. Enclosed turbine blades move the energy created by the liquid or gas to the rotating shaft. Fans are then used to release the air that's generated by the shafts.

What's the Difference Between Blowers, Compressors and Fans?

When it comes to determining the characteristics of a centrifugal blower, the air pressure ratio is usually considered. Blowers have a medium range air pressure ratio. They're directly in between air compressors and fans. Air compressors have the highest pressure ratio, while fans have the lowest.

How Is It Used?

Centrifugal blowers have a variety of uses in industrial settings. Here are just three of the ways they may benefit you.

Remove Particulates

When you're working with delicate machinery, you need to keep the area clean. Things like dirt and other particulate matter can destroy your equipment. Centrifugal blowers are used to remove particulate matter from the air, as well as from the parts you're working with. This is particularly important when working with conveyor belts. Centrifugal blowers will provide a steady flow of air, which will remove particulate matter from the parts as they move along the conveyor belt.

Contain Contaminates

In addition to removing particulates from the air, centrifugal blowers can also be used to contain contaminates. If your factory has a specific contamination unit, centrifugal blowers can be used to prevent contaminated materials from escaping into the air supply.

Vacuum Cleaning

Centrifugal blowers have two separate sides. The front blows air, while the back portion acts as a vacuum unit. The vacuum is needed to draw air into the unit. The suction created by the vacuum can be used for other industrial purposes. For instance, when grinding metal, small pieces of metal shavings are left behind. The suction can be used to remove metal shavings and prevent serious damage to the equipment.

Centrifugal blowers can get the air flowing in your factory and keep your work space free from particulate matter. If you're looking into getting a centrifugal blower, look into websites of local specialists, such as, to learn more.