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Plumbing Tips: Advantage Of Rubber-Based Over Wax-Based Gaskets & Seals

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Most plumbers may argue whether or not the best seals or gaskets are those made of rubber or waxed products. There are definite arguments that support both sides, but there is a clear answer for those plumbers who want to save time and money, which is rubber plumbing products. The following guide will help you understand why rubber seals or gaskets are better than their coveted counterparts.

What Is Wrong With Wax-Based Plumbing Products

You might want to consider some of the following:

The Waxy Material

One of the reasons that wax-based plumbing seals or gaskets are preferred by many plumbers is because they are sticky, making it quite easy to create a perfect barrier that should last a while. The problem is the cleanup and general mess involved when using wax-based products. The material is so sticky and fluid-like that you might have to spend a lot of time cleaning up to make sure that the seal does not damage the appearance of the toilet.


The second problem that wax-based seals or gaskets face is that you need to replace them completely if they break or are damaged. You now have to use a completely new seal. This is a costly affair to your customers because they have to replace all those parts. 

You can talk to your plumbing supply specialist about other disadvantages that you might find with wax-based plumbing products. 

The Rubber-Based Plumbing Products Advantage

Rubber-based plumbing products are relatively new but are definitely causing a stir for plumbers; check out the following advantages over wax-based products:


One clear advantage is that you do not have to purchase a whole new gasket or seal should you need to fix a problem with a toilet. The gasket or seal can be easily repaired or cleaned, then simply reused. You can offer this saving to your customers, giving you an advantage over other plumbers that are sticking with wax-based seals or gaskets.

Clean Up

You guessed it, you do not have to worry about messy clean-ups since you are just working with rubber-based seals and gaskets. All you do is fit the gasket and seal, and you are done. 

Heat Resistant

Another advantage over wax-based seals is the heat element. Rubber can resist heat better than wax-based seals and gaskets could, which could be the reason that they last longer. Radiant floors, for example, which are helpful in areas that get very cold, could melt wax-based seals or gaskets that could lead to leaks. This is another advantage that could make you be the plumber that your possible patrons ultimately choose. 

You can clearly see that rubber-based plumbing supplies are something that you can look into because they could offer you an edge over your competition and make your job a little easier, too. 

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