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4 Pieces Of Safety Equipment That Every Welder Should Own

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Working as a welder, whether for a company or as an independent contractor who is self employed, is a very important job, but it can also be extremely dangerous. It doesn't matter if you just finished the training needed to become a welder or if you are an old pro-- having the right safety equipment on hand is absolutely essential. Use the following tips to help ensure that you will stay safe while working with fire and extremely hot metal:

Non-Flammable Long Sleeved Shirts

No matter how precise you are when welding, you can never ensure that sparks will not emit from the metal that you are working on. Long sleeves are essential for a welder to wear to protect the skin on his or her arms, but it is also extremely important that those shirts are made of non-flammable material. Failing to wear non-flammable material can result in an unfortunate accident that leaves you severely injured and burned.

Quality Welding Helmet

Investing in a high quality welding helmet is a good idea for any person who is making a career as a welder. Your welding helmet is incredibly important for protecting your face from hot sparks, as well as your eyes from damaging UV rays. You may want to consider buying an auto-dimming welding helmet, which will adjust and react to the different levels of light being emitted automatically--owning one can make your job a lot easier and also preserve your eye health.

Safety Glasses

A quality welding helmet is a great first line of defense, but it is also imperative to own and wear safety glasses under your helmet. The hot sparks that fly off of molten metal during the welding process are unpredictable, and they can find their way through the small cracks of a welding helmet, so it is in the best interest of you and your eyes to always put on safety glasses before putting on your helmet.

Respiratory Mask

One of the biggest risks to the safety of welders is the high temperature sparks that they are constantly around, but toxic fumes and tiny pieces of metal that may be inhaled are also a concern. If you are working full-time as a welder, buying a respiratory mask is a must-- it will ensure that you are breathing clean, safe air and not accidentally ingesting tiny particles that can cause a lot of damage to your lungs and respiratory health.

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