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Which Scaffolding Is The Best For Doing Work On A Commercial Building?

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When doing any type of construction work, having the right tools on hand is critical to successfully completing the task. If a ladder is not sufficient for your needs, then you may want to rent scaffolding for the project. There are several different types of scaffolding, though, so here are a few things to consider when choosing one for your situation.

What the Weather is Going to Be Like

The first thing you want to consider is the time of year that you will be working on the project. Scaffolding is often left in place where it may be subjected to environmental elements. If the project is going to take a long time, you'll want to be sure to get scaffolding in a material that can withstand the predominant weather that will be occurring during the time of year the construction is taking place.

For instance, if you'll be doing outdoor work in the spring when there is going to be a lot of rain, then you may want to opt for rust-proof metal scaffolding, as scaffolding made of wood may become slippery when wet. Conversely, you may want to opt for wood scaffolding in the summer time when it's mostly sunny as metal can retain heat and become too hot to touch when left out in the sun all day.

Number of Work Areas

Another thing to consider is the number of areas where you'll be working. If you'll only be working in a single area, then a fixed scaffold that is secured to the ground in the construction zone may work well for you. On the other hand, if you'll be working on multiple places on the building, then you may want to opt for a mobile scaffold that can be easily moved around to different areas whenever you need it.

Building Height

The third thing to consider is how high the building is that you'll be working on. Fixed and mobile scaffolding for rent can be constructed to reach pretty high up, but sometimes buildings are just too tall to make this a feasible option. In fact, OSHA has regulations that limit how high pole scaffolding can be.

If you are working on a part of the building that's higher than is allowed for pole scaffolding, then you may want to opt for suspended or hanging bracket scaffolding that's designed to hang from either the top of the building or extend outward from the floor of the building you're working on.

For more information about renting the right scaffolding for you, contact a scaffolding rental company.