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Fire Tube Boilers Vs. Water Tube Boilers

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The fire tube and water tube boilers are two opposite types of boilers and the one you should get is based on the needs of your industrial facility. For some facilities, water tube boilers are simply too large.

1. How They Operate

With fire tube boilers, hot gas flows through the boiler and water surrounds the tube. In contrast, with the water tube, water flows through the tube and hot gases surround the tube. The heat is conducted through the walls of the tube and heat the water surrounding the tube.

2. Space Considerations

If you do not have that much space, you may be better off with a fire tube boiler because it has a more compact construction. They are designed for if you will need a lower operating pressure and a lower temperature output. The operating pressure for fire tube boilers is limited at 20 bar while it is limited at 100 bar for water tube boilers. Because it has a lower pressure, it has less of a risk of exploding. The fire tube boiler is more efficient and can help reduce monthly operating costs as a result. The overall cost of ownership for a fire tube boiler is simply lower.

3. Ease of Use

The fire tube boiler is easier to use and maintain. However, they are more difficult to clean because they are internally fired. The operation is simpler than a water tube boiler, and it's easier to access. 

4. Load Surge Handling

The fire tube boiler has better load surge handling. It usually has a lower production of steam. However, when there is an explosion with a water tube boiler, it is much more likely to create a leak that can be easily maintained.

5. The Advantages of Condensing Boilers

Regardless of which type of boiler you choose, both come with the benefit of making your hot water heating system more efficient. They are also more energy-efficient and will help you produce fewer emissions. The boilers are more energy-efficient because they condense the water vapor that is produced through combustion. This allows for less heat to escape and more of it can be put to use. 

Condensing boilers, including fire tubes and water tubes, are more expensive than conventional boilers. However, because they are much more energy-efficient, you will save more money overall thanks to the lower operating costs. The financial gains are substantial over time. Contact fire tube steam boiler services to learn more.