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Janitorial Products You Might Need To Keep Your Commercial Building Clean And Sanitary

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If you've decided to hire your own staff to keep your building clean, you'll need to supply them with all the janitorial products they'll need. You'll want supplies for routine cleaning as well as for emergency messes. Here's a look at some basic janitorial supplies you might need.

Janitorial Equipment

Depending on how your cleaning department is organized, you may want large janitorial carts the workers push around, or you might want small hand totes that hold cleaning supplies.

Carts are handy because they can hold a large garbage liner, bottles of cleaning supplies, cleaning towels, a mop bucket and wringer, brooms, long-handled dusters, and mops. Your staff can push the cart from one end of the building to the other and have everything they could need to mop up spills or clean a bathroom.

Cleaning Chemicals

Your staff will need several types of cleaning chemicals. You'll go through some faster than others. Cleaners you might use every day include glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaners, sanitizers, deodorizers, and floor cleaner. Specialty cleaners you may need include stain removers, cleaners that remove urine stains and odors, and products that soak up and sanitize vomit.

Disposable Supplies

You'll also want to keep a storeroom stocked with disposable janitorial products, such as toilet paper and hand towels, so your staff can replenish supplies when they clean the restrooms. Your staff also needs to refill or replace hand soap dispensers. Whether your building deals with the public or you just have offices with staff working in the building all day, your restrooms should always be well-stocked and sanitary to help prevent the spread of germs around the building.

Floor Cleaning Machines

If your building has offices with carpet, you'll need vacuum cleaners at the very least. Decide if you want your staff to clean the floors too, as that will require investment in-floor cleaning machines. The machines you need depend on the type of flooring you have. You might want a wet vac, carpet cleaning machine, or a floor polisher. You may even want a sweeping machine so your staff can sweep floors more quickly than if they have to use a broom.

Investing in janitorial products may seem like a lot of work and money, but having your own staff clean your building could save money over the long term. You can always leave big jobs like cleaning carpets and polishing floors to professionals, since those jobs don't need to be done too often.

Daily cleaning to keep your building free of clutter, odors, and unsanitary conditions can be done easily by your own staff, and having a cleaning crew in the building all day ensures accidents and emergencies are dealt with promptly.