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Using A Mounting Press To Create Samples For Your Metallurgical Lab

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Businesses that use steel or other metals in their manufacturing process may need to ensure the hardness, porosity, or content of the metal and create a record. Often the samples of materials are mounted in a resin that allows the metal to be inspected more easily. Using a metallurgical mounting press to create the samples is easy, and you can do it in-house to save time and money. 

The Press And How It Works

The metallurgical mounting press is a machine that uses heat and pressure to create a mounted sample of a metal product in your lab. The system uses a powered resin to surround the piece and protect it from damage, making it easier to work with. 

Mounting presses come in many different sizes and have the ability to create a sample as small as an inch or so to much larger samples for more significant parts. The manufacturer or dealer who makes the metallurgical mounting press you are considering can help you choose the right model for your business or lab's needs. They can also set it up and train your employees to use the machine once installed.

The mounting process typically only takes a few minutes and can be done by anyone trained to use the press right in your metallurgical lab or testing area. Once the mount is complete, the resin is so strong that the sample will not come loose and can be used in many different tests without any issues. 

Mounting The Sample

When the operator is ready to mount a sample, it is put on the ram plate and then lowered into the cavity of the machine. The resin powder is poured in around the sample, and the cover of the device is closed and locked. After this, the metallurgical mounting press is turned on, and the process will run for just a few minutes. Once the press has finished the cycle and the pressure is low enough, the operator can open the press and extract the completed mount. 

The resin is hard enough that you can use an engraving tool to mark the sample with an identification number or date without weakening the material. Metallurgists can now use the sample in testing or view it under the microscope to inspect many different aspects of the metal to ensure it has the right properties for your needs.

This process is commonly used when making structural alloys, parts for pressure vessels, or any component that needs to meet a specific durability standard. Case hardening, annealing, and other metallurgical processes can be verified and the sample stored for years if need be once the mount is finished. For more information, contact a metallurgical mounting press service.