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Advice For Purchasing A Commercial Coffee Grinder For A Restaurant

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If you have a restaurant that plans on relying on coffee beans regularly, then getting a commercial coffee grinder is a good idea. Then you can crush up beans in a convenient, effective manner. Using these tips, you can find the perfect machine for your restaurant.

Choose an Appropriate Hopper Capacity

The part that you'll send coffee beans through to be ground up is known as the hopper. You can find various hopper sizes today. There should be actual measurements of the hopper listed in the grinder's description, as well as bean pound quantities that the hopper supports. 

Use these descriptions to figure out an optimal hopper capacity that lets you work with the right amount of coffee beans in one setting. You'll have an easier time using said equipment because you won't have to constantly load coffee beans in the hopper.

Get a Capable Motor with Ample Horsepower 

The whole reason why coffee grinders are able to work at breaking down coffee beans is because of a motor. It will feature a particular horsepower, which you need to carefully assess in order to have an easy time grinding coffee beans in a restaurant setting.

The more horsepower this motor produces, the stronger this grinder is going to perform long-term. You'll also be able to grind coffee beans a lot faster when your commercial grinder comes with a motor that has adequate horsepower. 

Opt for a Cleaning Lever for the Grind Chamber

Once you're finished grinding coffee beans with a commercial grinder, you want to make sure all grinds are out of the chamber. This way, you can make full utilization of the beans that were ground and not have a difficult cleanup afterward.

You'll get these capabilities if you decide to invest in a coffee grinder that comes with a cleaning lever. It will help remove any left-over grinds that might not have fallen out into the bottom portion. You won't have to second-guess whether or not all beans were successfully ground. You'll know each time that the chamber is empty and can then take these grinds to the appropriate storage solution or coffee bar.

If fresh coffee is a staple drink at your restaurant, then you'll want to invest in some type of commercial coffee grinder. Coffee grinders can grind a lot of coffee beans in a short period of time, especially if you get one that has the right specs for your needs.