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Protocols For Using A Tool And Cutter Grinder On Milling Cutters

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Milling cutters naturally will become dull after being used on materials for a period of time. You can restore them though by using a machine known as a tool and cutter grinder. Then you can use the same milling cutters for a while. You'll have success using this machinery if you follow these protocols. 

Learn the Necessary Tooling Geometry

In order to feel safe and competent as a tool and cutter grinder operator, you need to master tooling geometry. It will be needed to know how to manipulate milling cutters around this machine and how to achieve optimal grinding to where your milling cutters don't sustain damage.

There are formal classes you can take that will teach you everything you need to know about tooling geometry. You'll then feel more confident in your grinding abilities each time milling cutters need to be sharpened.

Get Familiar With Your Tool and Cutter Grinder's Particular Specs

Once you invest in a tool and cutter grinder for sharpening milling cutters, you want to get familiar with all of its impactful specs. Then you'll know what this grinding machine can do and how to set it up in an optimal way before grinding activities ever take place.

Some relevant specs to focus on include supported grinding angles, motor horsepower, grinding wheel material, and linear table movements. Get familiar with each of these specs so that you know what this grinder is truly capable of.

Follow the Necessary Safety Protocols

You want to remain safe when using a tool and cutter grinder to sharpen milling cutters and that's possible if you know what safety protocols to follow. For instance, since this grinding machine will potentially send debris from your milling cutters flying, you need to protect your face and upper body with gear.

It also helps to be aware of all moving parts on your tool and cutter grinder. Then you can make sure that no body parts enter a hazardous area and get hurt. Finally, if you set up emergency stop features on this grinder machine before using it, you won't be as exposed to dangerous conditions. 

A tool and cutter grinder is a good investment if you use milling cutters a lot and thus have to sharpen them every now and then. If you study your machine and consistently use it correctly, you'll find satisfaction in the sharpening results you get from this system. 

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