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The Different Options of Service Bodies for Your Truck

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Truck service bodies are permanent or temporary body extensions placed on the bed of a truck to facilitate storage and transportation of different goods. They help improve fuel efficiency and realize the maximum economic potential of your truck. Truck service bodies exist in different forms, and it's important to make a selection based on your needs. Below are the different service bodies you can add to your truck.  

Open or Standard Service Bodies

These are the most simple and common types of service truck bodies. Their structure entails a storage cabinet covering the sides, a large hollow space in the middle, and an open top. The surrounding cabinets help protect goods from falling on the side, whereas the hollow space is for the storage of items. Standard service bodies are suitable for carrying large goods that don't require complex order of arrangement or aren't easily affected by weather, such as heavy construction equipment. Standard service bodies are made out of different materials such as steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. 

Crane Body

This service body has a crane that extends from the body to help lift heavy items. This type of train has cabinets on the side just like a standard body; however, it doesn't have space in the middle as that's where the crane is hasted. A crane can either be electric or hydraulic, and your choice should depend on usage frequency and the weight of loads. For instance, an electric crane would be ideal if you have light duties, whereas a hydraulic crane would be ideal for heavy items. 

Enclosed Bodies 

These are truck service bodies with closed compartments and security features like locks and codes to protect goods. The enclosed compartment protects goods from harsh weather conditions, while the security features prevent theft or unauthorized access to goods. They're suitable for carrying goods for long distances or transporting highly valuable items and manufacturing products. 

Dump Bodies

Service bodies automatically dump material off the truck using a lever. They are suitable for construction projects as they help save time in offloading materials such as sand and stones. Dump truck service bodies can be standard, transfer, or side bodies. Standard ones have a truck chassis with a dump bed and a hydraulic lift to ensure easy maneuverability. Transfer dump truck bodies operate with a similar mechanism to standard, only that it has separate trailers to improve hauling capacity. Side dump service bodies allow dumping on either side simultaneously to increase the speed of unloading items.


Do you need a service body for your truck? Consult with a professional dealer to get more information and help you make the right choice depending on the items you intend to transport.